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Azores Accommodation A+ 

2 bedrooms + living room-kitchen open space, balcony & ocean view

Azores Accommodation A+ is a luxury, eco-friendly, sustainable, entire house. Lush, green,  banana trees outside. High ceilings. Spectacular View, Beauty & Nature. Bright, light - flooded, elegant,  well designed Simply: joyful.

Awaken to singing birds as the sun slowly rises over the banana trees. The Balcony.  Ducks & chickens in the jungle of the banana trees. With your morning harvested fresh lemon grass tea on the Balcony.  Share your selfie, cup of tea & fresh lemongrass. Let`s explore the island! What a morning! 

Azores Accommodation A+is situated in a very small, cozy village, called Nordeste Pedreira, at the North-East corner of the Sao Miguel island, Azores; on the rugged slopes of Saint Bartholomew, in the foothills of the ancient volcano of São Miguel Island. 

Ocean view large bathroom

Brushing your teeth next to a real banana tree ​+ sunrise. Walk-in shower, bide, extra large sink. Space. 8 m2/86 sft bathroom. Natural light from the roof. Luxory tiles and finishing. Kinda energizing morning :)

Spinner Dolphins

Ocean &  Bamboo &

Playing Cards

Perfectly suited for a stay of couples or family. Fresh bread from the local bakery. The accommodation inspires and grounds you. Perfect to switch off after a day of exploring and recharge your batteries. Smile. Enjoy life! :)

Young Family

Luxury Accomodation



Entire house. 



Two bedrooms

minimum 4 nights

04 (+1)


Designed for 2 couples or a family.
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